Seattle & North Coast Railroad


Before we get to the train orders:

There is some horrendously inaccurate information being circulated & even worse,
published in print media, concerning S&NCT history. For example, someone is
circulating a wildly fabricated startup of operations date of December, 1980.
Operations are well known, nicely documented to have begun on March 24, 1980.
I was there in late August of 1980, and they were most certainly operating!

There was no nine month time lag! Think, people! Shippers would have been in
a BIG mess! Time lapse between the MILW leaving, then S&NCT was mere days!

Others have created a nicely fictional roster of motive power & additional
history. I cannot fathom why people do such ridiculous, destructive things!

Anyone with true interest in facts, documented history
an not wild poppycock, is urged to join:

The Seattle & North Coast Railroad is on Facebook! LUOF

Port Angeles, Washington:


Port Townsend, Washington:

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