Union Pacific Railroad

(Apologies for the quality. My slide scanner is an old junker.)


Why does it seem as though clouds always follow me around when I try to chase the UP?
It's a muggy, post-thunderstorm summer afternoon during 2008 in Seattle, Washington.

Something has scraped the cab of idling SD70M #4560. Seen here
awaiting next duties, by the intermodal site, behind Argo engine facilities:


GP38-2 #560 is working local shippers along East Marginal Way South:


SD70M #3812 and SD90MAC #8556 idle at another intermodal yard just south of Argo Yard:


The following are some scans, as noted at page top.

Note the seemingly darker in color numerals on the cab side.
The caboose is SIRR, in big red letters, below the cupola.
GP38-2 #2036 on a chilly Fall morning of 1981 in Kellogg, Idaho:


Still at Kellogg, here is closer view of the caboose seen above.
Spokane International Railroad #C20:



This U28B is quite some distance away from her days on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad.
Nearby to the scrap yard on a spring day in 1983, #517 rests in Tacoma, Washington:


Note: As too commonly misindentified, this scrap yard was NOT Joseph Simon & Sons,
which was located on the west bank of the Puyallup River. This is much further east.
Note the background scenery. Those trees and the bluff were nowhere near Simon & Sons.
The old Western Farmers Association site was on the west bank of the Hylebos Waterway.
Address for that elevator was 1801 Taylor Way. So, what scrapper was just north of WFA?
Answer: Big 'D' Salvage, at 1503 Taylor Way.


Very late summer of 1980, SW9 #1835 is idling in the yard at The Dalles, Oregon:



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