Seattle & North Coast Railroad

(Apologies for the quality. My slide scanner is an old junker.)


First, before a few photos, a brief note:

There is some horrendously inaccurate information being circulated & even worse,
published in print media, concerning S&NCT history. For example, someone is
circulating a wildly fabricated startup of operations date of December, 1980.
Operations are well known, nicely documented to have begun on March 24, 1980.
I was there in late August of 1980, and they were most certainly operating!

There was no nine month time lag! Think, people! Shippers would have been in
a BIG mess! Time lapse between the MILW leaving, then S&NCT was mere days!

Others have created a nicely fictional roster of motive power & additional
history. I cannot fathom why people do such ridiculous, destructive things!

Anyone with true interest in facts, documented history
and not wild poppycock, is urged to join:

The Seattle & North Coast Railroad Group on Facebook! LUOF


Caboose ex-#991604 survives as an office in Sequim, Washington:



The following are some scans, as noted at page top.

SNCT SW1200 #55 rests between chores, on Pier 27 (Seattle), Washington:


During the Fall of 1982, the "Snick" ran an excursion.
(If my memory is correct, this was in conjunction with Tacoma,
Washington chapter, National Railway Historical Society.)
It was worth every penny we paid!

The day started out dark and pouring rain, then later sun appeared.

SNCT F7A #102 leads our little train, coming from Bayside Yard (Port Angeles).
We will board at the Port Angeles depot, which is right behind me:


Later in the day a photo run by was staged, just at the east end of Agnew:
(Distant box cars behind our train are in the siding.)



I really miss this little operation, as well as it's predecessor, The Milwaukee Road.
Some day people from both Jefferson & Clallam Counties might accidentally awaken,
& will rue their haste for so quickly having pushed ripping out every remnant & trace.
For a group of people who enjoy pretending to be socially & environmentally conscious,
this was just a plain old fashioned dumb choice on their part. They will be clamoring
for alternate transportation & their best possibility is now long since foolishly eradicated.
Necessity bringing eventual replacement of this route, it will cost them a shocking price.
They will deserve the financial (tax) reaming brought upon themselves.


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