Earlier in the morning, but a few days later Train #8, P42DC #117 leads
The Empire Builder as she races through Radnor, Montana:


Late summer of 2016, the sun is just up. Train #8, The Empire Builder,
with P42DC #95, is seconds from Belton, Montana:



It is late summer of 2015, and in early morning sunlight, people are
already arriving. Amtrak's "Train Days" display is in Whitefish, Montana.
Led by two of their 40th Anniversary units, F40PHR #406, and P40DC #822:


At the tail end of #406's train, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad "Moonlight Dome":


It's a very hazy Spring afternoon, 2013, and Train #8 is late.
P42DC #134 and 179 are wasting no time at Lupfer, Montana:


A short time later, #8 hustles away from the Whitefish, Montana, station stop:



Spring of 2010 and Operation Lifesaver is out traveling.
P42DC #3 and #144 with train await visitors at Whitefish, Montana:



It's a rather warm July of 2009 day. Specially painted P42DC units #157 and 71 have
Disney's "A Christmas Carol" Tour promotional train set out. Feels odd to know it is a hot day,
when that Holiday would actually see snow on the ground here in Whitefish, Montana:



Summer is ending, so it's not quite full daylight this 2008 morning at Whitefish, Montana.
Train #8, The Empire Builder has just arrived behind P42DC engines #139 and #54.
Late out of Spokane, our engineer, (standing at left), actually brought us in a little early:



On a hot August afternoon in 2008 Train #8, The Empire Builder, arriving at her Edmonds,
Washington station stop. Had a nice chat with the Agent, (in cart), while we awaited P42DC #183:



A nice July, 2008 afternoon and pulling away from her stop at Centralia, Washington,
is F40PH-2c #90340, with Cascades Train 506:


Pushing Train 506 out of town is F59PHI #469:



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