The following are some scans of my slides. Sadly, I only have a very poor quality scanner at this point.
Some day, with a better budget, etc...

Burlington Northern Railroad

Leaves are falling and 1991 is fading as the Anacortes Local heads for a refinery delivery of empties.
GP38 #2180 "White Face" and GP38-2 #2258 are at Whitney, Washington:



Spring is here, 1988. At Ruston, Washington, in not the best sunlight angle.
Standing atop Nelson Bennett Tunnel, looking at Ruston Tunnel.
SD40-2 #8149 pops into view with an intermodal bound for Portland, Oregon:



It is now raining lightly and getting darker. Chores at Darigold in Issaquah are done.
Ambling slowly back to Delta Yard (Everett), #2096 is at the boat launch road crossing.
This is part of a State Park at the south end of Lake Sammamish, Washington:



Late March of 1988 and days are still short. It's getting ready to rain.
GP38-2 #2096 and GP38 #2076 are switching the Darigold plant in Issaquah, Washington:



SD40-2 Extra 6797 West has Milwaukee Road SD40-2 #192 behind in Seattle, Washington.
Late winter of 1988, they are passing the former Continental Grain transloading facility.
We waited quite a while for this last view of a still painted as Milwaukee Road unit:


Earlier the same day at Interbay (Seattle), Washington.
GP35 #2509 (ex-GN), FT45 and GP35 #2551 (ex-SLSF) await the call:



A short time after meeting Extra 7051 West, I catch SD40-2 Extra 8057 East again.
Here she is rumbling up the mountain through Skykomish, Washington:



Winter of 1988 is just about gone as SD40-2 Extra 7051 West rolls to a stop at Baring, Washington.
In minutes there will be a meet with Extra 8057 East:



A gray and foggy winter in 1987 day blurs GP38-2 #2078 heading home to Delta Yard (Everett),
Washington. The empty fusilage car is proof this local has been to Boeing in Renton.
Location is the famous "Wilburton" trestle in Bellevue.  When I was a boy, (as it was known then),
Richards Road beneath was a one & a half lane squeaker between wooden bents.
Now it is four lanes of roaring vehicles:



SD40-2 #7857 roars around Half Moon Curve and through Columbia Falls, Montana.
It's early morning of September, 1986, as this eastward TOFC passes the old Great Northern depot:



Late summer of 1986 SD40-2 #8042 rolls to a stop in Sprague, Washington.
Behind the caboose of this work extra east are assorted cars with ties and more.
Just recently quickly repainted, overspray adorns the depot windows, roof and more.
This depot was saved and moved across (foreground) North D Street. Is now beautifully restored:



A hot day in late summer of 1985 and we catch GP30 #2247 with GP9 #1888.
Here they are just crossing the former westbound lanes of Interstate Highway 90.
Originally this was US Highway 10 and the location is Tanner, Washington.
This local is outbound with lumber loads from the Weyerhaeuser mill at Snoqualmie Falls:



GP38-2 #2080 and GP30 #2219 are entering Monohon, Washington.
In tow is a string of BNFE reefers for the Issaquah Darigold plant.
A very toasty mid-summer day in 1985, as they crossed the dirt road at lower right,
traction motor blowers kicked up a cloud of dust:



A "purely by accident" catch, no time for composition. Flaws seen are from my lousy scanner.
I was sitting by the river, cooling my feet in the water, when I heard this guy coming.
A Ronald Local with GP9 #1750 is caboose hopping back toward Yakima.
A hot August afternoon and I am at Teanaway, Washington:



A muggy, pre-thunderstorm mid-summer of 1981 afternoon and F3A #706 ambles along.
Seen here passing the golf course and irritating players at Meadowbrook, Washington.
This is the Snoqualmie Local on ex-Milwaukee Road branch trackage,
which once served the huge Weyerhaeuser mill complex at Snoquamie Falls:



Spring of 1981 and another gray day. GP39-2 #2714 and companions at rest between chores.
This is in front of the depot at Hoquiam, Washington:



F units awaiting scrapping at Tacoma, Washington. It's very late winter of 1981:


Note: As too commonly misindentified, the scrap yard above was NOT Joseph Simon & Sons,
which was located on the west bank of the Puyallup River. This is much further east.
Note the background scenery. Those trees and the bluff were nowhere near Simon & Sons.
The old Western Farmers Association site was on the west bank of the Hylebos Waterway.
Address for that elevator was 1801 Taylor Way. So, what scrapper was just north of WFA?
Answer: Big 'D' Salvage, at 1503 Taylor Way.


A favorite memory here. An into the sun view, but I am still glad to have it!
Fall of 1980 at New Westminster, British Columbia.
NW5 #987 and sister 988 wait across from the depot for their next transfer run:



A beautiful fall day in 1980 really highlights a well worn paint application.
F9A #838 waits for her call to depart from the yard at Sumas, Washington:




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