My Paint Booth Project

(Built during October of 2013)


Materials used were:
One inexpensive 18 gallon plastic storage tote.
Exhaust is a 75cfm, 4 sone bathroom fan.
Aluminum flex duct tubing.
Electric parts and 14" neon light were purchased.
10" by 30" furnace filter, cut into four usable sections.
Lumber and other materials at hand.
On the left and underneath, I was lucky enough
to obtain (freebie) a window flange and fittings
from an indoor air conditioner.


The completed unit, closed up and awaiting use:


The paint drawer alone, and in stand:



The booth top can sit freely, alone on a table top.
I slapped a quick coat of rattle can gloss white
on the upper inside half to aid brightness:


The top on it's stand. Held in place by a pin at each end:


Side view of the electrical portion:



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